Growth in the machine pool

die Naeherei Handwerk Näherei Schneiderei Nähmaschine Juki

It is fast, ingenious, and provides highest quality – the Juki DDL 9000. With this new sewing machine not only is the machinery pool in our studio slowly growing, but even a small dream has come true. “Juki” is not just any sewing machine. From now on it will ensure that our team can produce even more effectively. With its built-in direct drive, which can be controlled by a foot pedal, the Juki is a real workhorse. A high performance and its automatic thread trimmer even ensure that our work is a little easier during production.

In that way we can guarantee our customers a continuous and stable seam quality. In the future, additional workstations will be equipped with this model. There was another renewal for our knitted and jersey fabrics. Even here additional sewing machines received their place in our studio.

This means we can now also take over this production chain for our customers.

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